Graduation at Hardee Correctional Institute


We have come a long way since our first graduation, graduating approximately 450 greyhounds in our greyhound and inmate prison training program.  While the focus is on basic obedience training, our greyhounds enjoy doing tricks with their inmate trainers.   It adds a lot of fun to the training.
This is a win-win situation for the greyhounds, the inmate trainers and the families adopting the greyhounds.
We are attaching a short video clip from one of our graduation’s of our greyhounds having fun with their inmate trainers.   We hope this puts a smile on your face!



Cash donations to the Greyound Advancement Center made be made here.  The GAC Amazon wishlist is another way to donate items that will go directly into use in a GAC program.

Contact information for the Greyhound Advancement Center can be found here.